Investments in Agribusiness

With more than 25,000 head of cattle, and 65,000 hectares of land in Brazil and other countries, Brasif has invested extensively in agribusiness. It manages its own farms, planting crops such as soy and corn, raising, promoting genetic improvement and selling elite cattle and their genetic material, as well as commercializing beef cattle.


Brasif’s farms are regarded as leading examples in Brazil due to their holding of one of the world’s best herds of Nelore cattle, and due to its active role in this sector since 1971 – initially at the Mata Velha Farms, and subsequently also at the Santa Marina Farm.

This success has been achieved due to the genetic superiority that has been acquired, accumulated and multiplied over the years in the herd, as well as to the special treatment that the herd receives. Brasif’s aim is to make every new generation of Nelore better than the previous. It has achieved this goal year after year, as witnessed by the more than three dozen awards and medals for its animals in exhibitions; its recognition as best cattle exhibitor in numerous years; records achieved in livestock auctions; and the performance in sales of its genetic material.


Brasif maintains a herd of many thousand head of cattle, and plantations of soy, corn, eucalyptus and sugarcane. Apart for agricultural production, Brasif also invests to achieve returns on assets acquired on an opportunistic basis, in regions with high potential for increase in land value.

One highlight in the present portfolio is the 40,000-hectare Santa Terezinha Farm in Mato Grosso – a highly productive region that has recently benefited from improved logistics and infrastructure. After acquiring this property, Brasif has invested to bring it up to the standard of the best farms in Brazil.


Biotechnology is crucial tool for competitiveness in agribusiness. In 2009, Brasif founded Geneal to be the Brazilian leader in cattle genetic development – combining its experience and its herds of high-grade livestock accumulated over decades.

Geneal is headquartered in Uberaba, in the state of Minas Gerais – the main center for the Brazilian Zebu cattle breed. Its high technology laboratory has an extremely qualified technical and scientific team, with significant experience in in-vitro fertilization (IVF), genotyping and cloning.

Geneal is the Brazilian pioneer in cattle cloning, and has capacity to produce over 500 clones annually. It also has partnerships with leading international companies in animal genetics, and holds a high brand recognition in the Brazilian market.

Cloning and multiplication of high-grade cattle are vital elements in genetic herd improvement and are a long-term trend that aims to improve the productivity of Brazilian livestock – a strategic sector for the country’s economy.