Financial investments

Brasif has an extensive history of financial investments in Brazil and other countries, including liquid assets and private equity. With proprietary capital, fundamental and diligent analysis and monitoring, and focus on the long term, Brasif’s investment team manages the current portfolio and is constantly analyzing new opportunities.

Private Equity

Brasif acts as leader and co-investor in private equity and venture capital operations, continually studying acquisition opportunities at various business development stages both in Brazil and abroad.

Its investment philosophy is to seek to create value for the long term, through growth, increase of operational efficiency, creation of a solid management structure, seeking and retaining talents, continuous innovation, constant analysis of performance indicators, discipline in decision-making, and a permanent focus on maximizing returns on invested capital.

Brasif invests in various sectors of the economy. Its current portfolio includes interests in companies in retailing, industry, infrastructure and technology, in Brazil and other countries.

In the operations it controls, Brasif is constantly acting to build value, providing support in operating initiatives and reviewing strategies, as well as monitoring performance and the competitive environment.

Liquid assets

Brasif invests in equities, fixed income and derivatives, in Brazil and abroad, through its managed funds and allocations to external managers. The management team makes strategic decisions in hedging, fund raising and capital allocation for the operating companies.

The investment philosophy focuses on the long term and on capital preservation. Brasif holds significant positions in listed companies. The portfolio includes stocks with upside to fair value, high return on capital and sustainable competitive advantages.

Brasif also looks for companies it can invest in for a significant number of years, accompanying execution of strategy and actively monitoring the competitive environment. Hence, its investment team focuses on perennial factors in value construction, rather than short-term fluctuations of results.