Founded in 2009, Loungerie is a Brazilian retailer of lingerie fashion and accessories, born after Brasif identified a market opportunity. The company is the leader of the lingerie retail segment for middle and upper class in Brazil.

The company created a concept focused on female self-esteem and positioned itself as a one-stop-shop, offering a wide range of products, sizes and models of high quality at affordable prices. Loungerie introduced a series of innovations in the Brazilian lingerie market, such as:

  • Unique shopping experience through: store architecture and size, variety and product exposure, premium locations and assisted service.
  • “Perfect bra” concept with varying bust sizes in all models, offering products suitable for any woman’s body.
  • Exclusively sales of leading international brands: DKNY, Fashion Forms, Hanky Panky, Spanx and Wacoal.
  • Fast-fashion concept, developing products that follow the latest fashion trends and bringing new models into the stores on a weekly basis.

Currently with more than 60 stores, present in all regions of the country, Loungerie has become a commercial success, presenting store productivity indicators significantly higher than the market peers.

Based on its brand equity, operational efficiency and solid management structure, Loungerie is expanding its owned and franchise stores, aiming to reach 100 stores in the coming years, in addition to significant growth in e-commerce platform and new channels.