Who we are

Founded in 1965 by Jonas Barcellos Correa Filho as a distributor of steel products, Brasif later became the pioneer in the operation of duty free stores in Brazil’s airports. It now holds dozens of operations in Brazil and abroad, in a wide range of sectors. These include: distribution and rental of heavy machinery; premium apparel retailing; real estate development and investments; financial investments; biotechnology; sugar, ethanol and biomass electricity generation; agriculture and livestock.

Brasif’s holding company has a highly qualified team of investment professionals in its offices in Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Orlando, managing its portfolio. These include businesses that Brasif controls and operates and also those in which it has a minority interest. Additionally, Brasif’s holding company continuously assesses new business and investment opportunities.

Since its foundation, Brasif has focused on value creation in the long term, through its entrepreneurship, pioneer activity, innovation capacity and anticipation of economic trends. At the same time, it continually seeks to improve its current businesses profitability, both through growth and increase of operational efficiency.

Brasif’s portfolio currently includes:

  • Operational companies, controlled by Brasif
  • Liquid assets (fixed income and equity)
  • Private equity and Venture capital
  • Real estate assets
  • Agribusiness